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Meet Your Therapist.

Julian "Jules" Green, LCSW, LISW-CP

Therapist & Owner
Hope + Healing + Happiness Life Solutions

Welcome, friend! I am happy that you chose to take time learn more about me. I am a proud graduate of New Mexico State University, where I received a Masters of Social Work degree. I have been fortunate to work across the country in state forensic settings, community mental health/outpatient treatment, acute care hospitals, and inpatient mental health facilities. I have also taught social work at my undergraduate Alma mater, SC State University. Sounds interesting, huh?

Well, to be honest, some of the aforementioned experiences were amazing and some felt horrible at the time. Like you, I sought answers and "fixes" for the challenging mo‚Äčments. What got me through was mentorship and tapping into my personal power in order to move forward. Without question, each experience has led me to this point, with you. I am proud to offer you what life has offered me.


Life constantly offers us the tools we need to move forward, even during the most challenging times. It is our RIGHT to use these gifts to manifest our dreams, in other words, fulfill our purpose. It is both my mission and purpose to serve others as they reach for their passions and purpose.